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Guidelines for students

  • Students should use a laptop/desktop for online tests, GDs, and interview processes. Students should check the audio, video, and internet connectivity in their devices. Students should use Institute’s Computer Labs if required and mandatorily when informed by CDS for a specific company’s process.
  • Each student needs to have a clear idea of their future plans (i.e higher studies / campus placement / entrepreneurship / competitive exams) and accordingly participate in the placement process. If a student is strongly interested in higher studies or entrepreneurship or other paths, then it is better not to participate in the placement process. Taking a job and not joining will affect (a) company, (b) other students including junior batches and (c) IITGN reputation. It is solely the responsibility of students to check mails / announcements / notices / updates etc. from the Student coordinators / CDS Office
  • Keep checking emails from CDS regularly.
  • Always keep CV & documents handy as soft-copy online for any placement activity along with hard copies.
  • Do not forget to bring an institute IDcard, Govt. ID proof and few copies of resume at the time of recruitment process.
  • Be ready with all certificates (in original & duplicates) for the curricular and extracurricular activities as mentioned in the CV.
  • Requests for providing printouts & photocopies from CDS office will not be entertained as they cause disruption to regular activities.
  • Students must wear business formals during the entire recruitment process. Students should come in proper attire, shaved face, combed hair etc.
  • All students are encouraged to attend pre placement talk of all organizations irrespective of the fact that they have applied or not. This will help you to know more about the opportunities and organizations.
  • All registered students for placement are expected and should actively participate in various training programs and mock interview and GD process that will be scheduled time to time by CDS and PDC.
  • The student must safely maintain originals of all certificates (as applicable) including birth, SSC, education, caste, income, medical, domicile, passport, PAN, and other certificates etc. These originals should be made available for verification at any time during the process. It is advised to also maintain the above documents as xerox copies and scanned copies.
  • Students should do mock online interviews/interactions with their friends/peers/connections; prior to scheduled interview processes with companies. They should explore and practice all the functionality (including waiting room option) of Google Meet, MS Team, Zoom and other similar virtual platforms.
  • One should dedicatedly prepare for online tests and practice enough for the interview process.
  • Campus recruitment process will be scheduled both during Weekdays and Weekends. There may be PPTs/tests/events on very short notices due to unavoidable circumstances. Students are asked to be prepared for such situations and keep checking for updates frequently.

  • CPI Update: In case you want to use your updated CPI (Ex: after pass fail), follow the steps mentioned here:
    • Once you know about updated CPI ( compared to existing CPI or in future ), you should request academic office staff ( write to ar.acad@iitgn.ac.in ) to convey updated CPI to CDS staff at cds@iitgn.ac.in
    • After communication from the academic office to CDS staff only, you can use updated CPI for further CDS related opportunities.
    • Any other mode of communication ( including IMS screenshot or mails ) will not be entertained.