Why Recruit ?


GLOBALIZATION: 40% OF UG STUDENTS receive study abroad opportunities in the form of semester overseas, research internships, summer programs, etc., which is three times the average at U.S. universities. 80% OF FACULTY has overseas degree or postdoc experience. 15% OF FACULTY are visiting faculty from India and abroad.

FOUNDATION PROGRAMME: Transformative 5-week immersion program for incoming first-year students focused on creativity, leadership & communication, ethics, social awareness, and physical fitness. The program has been widely lauded and increasingly emulated.

PROJECT ORIENTED LEARNING: Emphasis on learning by doing; 20% coursework in the humanities; core requirements in the life sciences, design and innovation.

CHOICE AND FLEXIBILITY: Options of dual majors, minors, honors; program and course flexibility and range, short courses. Co-curricular opportunities, such as Tinkerer Lab, Makers Space, projects, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, etc.

DIVERSITY: 90% OF GRADUATE STUDENTS from out of state, representing 28 states/union terrritories and 5 countries. 85% of undergraduate students from out of state from 26 states and union territories. 34% OF STUDENTS FEMALE 34% of graduate students and 20% of faculty female. 15% OF FACULTY visiting faculty from all over India and abroad. 95% of all faculty from out of state; average distance 1424 kms. 6% of regular and contractual faculty international.

INTERDISCIPLINARITY: 10% OF FACULTY with multi-discipline appointments. 14% OF PhD ADVISORS from outside discipline. 13% OF PUBLICATIONS with interdisciplinary authors. 21% of projects with Principal Investigator/Co-PI from multiple disciplines.

STUDENT EMPOWERMENT: IITGN empowers students to pursue their passion with the most liberal branch change policies, flexibility in thecurriculum, leadership, self-governance and exciting extracurricular opportunities.

SELF-GOVERNANCE: Participatory student governance structures in all aspects of Institute affairs, including academic and student life and discipline.

EXPLORER FELLOWSHIP: Six week summer fellowship for students to discover India’s cultural diversity by visiting minimum six states (atleast one each in North, South and Northeast), on a shoestring budget of Rs 900/day for travel, accommodation, food, and other living expenses.